Annekatrin Döll | Milchprodukte / Kunstprodukte
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Milchprodukte / Kunstprodukte Milchprodukte / Kunstprodukte Milchprodukte / Kunstprodukte Milchprodukte / Kunstprodukte Milchprodukte / Kunstprodukte

Milchprodukte / Kunstprodukte

Using a graphical structure I show different milk products, whilst a second graphic indicates different art products. With the help of an animation I create a link between the two fields and cross-fade the art products over the dairy products. Partially and gradually the concepts of the art field begin to appear on top of those of the dairy products, while the milk products are slowly disappearing. Some designations from the milk production obtain correspondences, others find no conceptual comparison. For example: “mascarpone” its equivalent in “taste”. In some sections completely new designations appear in the typical Art vocabulary, such as “recipient” or “aura”.
Originally wanting to achieve through a graphical analysis, a kind of clarification or even a decryption, this linguistic play proceeds into the contrary and transfigures against itself. The joy of overlapping color fields, its color transparencies, resulting from the disappearance and the appearance, and their current states becomes more important.

There is an accompanying video work, which shows in detail the surface of cooling milk.

During the graphical editing mode, I captured 125 movie stills. They show the intermediate stages of development. They can be found in the second volume of “rohmaterial” special edition “250 years anniversary of the Academy of Fine Arts Dresden” artist’s book. In every of the 125 books is one individual state. Again from the 125, I selected eight graphics which I present enlarged as a unique edition. In the presentation of the work the initial and final graphics are placed accordingly. However, the alignment of the intermediate stages is not designed in a chronological order, more according to my personal opinion. There may also be more than eight intermediate stages.


2012 – 2014


Animation as a mov file for screen, 7 minutes Video "Warm Milk" is a mov file for screen, 15 minutes, loop


10 digital prints on paper framed in oak each 65.2 x 38.5 cm

Concept, Print, Video