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Annekatrin Döll
born 1986 in Eisenach
lives and works since 2016 in Leipzig.


2013 – 2015

2012 – 2015


2008 – 2009


2004 – 2006

artistic assistant in the class of Prof. Martin Honert, Academy of Fine Arts Dresden

master studies with Prof. Martin Honert, Academy of Fine Arts Dresden

degree at the Academy of Fine Arts Dresden

research stay on Iceland

beginn of the studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Dresden with the focus on three dimensional work with Prof. Carl Emmanuel Wolff, Prof. Detlef Reinemer and Prof. Martin Honert

stonemason apprenticeship in France (Centre) with the journeyman association “Les Compagnons du Devoir” Steinmetzlehre in Frankreich (Region Centre) bei dem Gesellenverein “Les Compagnons du Devoir” with particular focus on restoration

About my work

The relationship between natural and cultural objects is at the focus of my artistic work. The objects and signs have their origin, for example, in subjects such as sea, rock, architecture, landscape and agriculture. Reflecting upon it has no temporal or thematic order.
Rather, it is an experimental, intuitive operation, during which I bring these fragments together in my imagination upon a new level. This process can also be described as a kind of translation. I associate, I transform.

I make the resulting constellation visible by assigning their components specific materials, in a processual way. Some items can be later recognized as duplicates of familiar objects. In large-scale, often fragile installations, I connect those items, shifted away from their usual meaning, with everyday materials, consumer goods and cultural craft techniques. Multiple shifts, numerous layers and graduations result in new contexts of meaning.

My work pushes the viewer on to examine practiced and blunted perceptions and modes of interpretation to get back to an unloaded and fresh look at the things.
It is an invitation to new worlds.







rohmaterial, artist’s book special edition to celebrate 250 years Art Academy Dresden

degree show catalogue, Academy of Fine Arts Dresden
exhibition catalogue „Kap-Hoorn Art die Vierte“, Bremen

Leinemann-Foundation for education and fine arts, art award 2010: selection for one of the best 15 art pieces









“SHOUT”, SCHAU artspace, Dresden, groubshow

“Das andere Auge”, Die künstlerisch-praktischen Werkstätten der Hochschule für Bildende Künste als Refugium und Labor.
Curated by von Susanne Greinke.

Art Prize of the Hanna Johannes Arras Foundation, cabinet exhibition at the private collection of Stefan Heinemann, Dresden, solo

“Positionen”, Gallery NEXT, Dresden, groubshow with Veronique Panno und Monika Žáková.
The art historian Bettine Zabel-Liebold authored the text

“Susanne Keichel und Annekatrin Döll”, SCHAU artspace, Dresden, groupshow

“SHOW 1”, SOGLIA ARTSPACE, Leipzig, groupshow

“Übergang”, Kunstverein Jahnstraße e.V., Braunschweig, solo

Kunst- und Kulturfestival NACHTUNDNEBEL, studio.74, Berlin, groupshow
“TOPIA“, Gallery NEXT, Holger Kasten-Grauberg, Dresden, solo

degree show, Academy of Fine Arts Dresden, groupshow
„Kap-Hoorn Art die Vierte“, Kunst in der Halle, Bremen, groupshow

„in a jiffy …“ Gallery Spitzenstücke, Stefanie Kölbel, Dresden, solo

„Is there nothing that takes you fancy“, KUNSTPavillon, Eisenach, solo
„Dö-Dynastie“, studio exhibition, Pietzschstraße 7, Dresden, solo