Annekatrin Döll | The Parthe
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The Parthe

Annekatrin Döll sharing ideas temporary space

Annekatrin Döll Ideen zur Parthe

Every time I cross the small river called Parthe where the Berliner and the Gerberstrasse meet I need to stop my bike. I am hanging my upper body over the railing while contemplating the space beneath me for a long time. Before I have done some small research I always thought it is only a lowered channel carrying city sewage and not a natural river. The Parthe is embedded in concrete banks and flanked by some green verge at street height, which gives a little intimacy to that sleeping oasis. In the stream itself some water plants with long leaves highlight the current. Observing the location I recognise its qualities and its great potential for becoming a place where people could meet. But to develop as a public space it needs to become easy accessible for everyone. Only hidden stairs lead to the banks of the Parthe. The whole situation reminds me of my time in France where summer days were usually spend at the temporary installed guinguette right next to the river loire. La guinguette during the day a café turned the evenings into bar and stage for entertainment.