Annekatrin Döll | Die Gin Tonic Form
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Die Gin Tonic Form Die Gin Tonic Form Die Gin Tonic Form Die Gin Tonic Form Die Gin Tonic Form

Die Gin Tonic Form

On the ground lie large, amorphous aluminum castings. At a height of about 130 cm, three differently sized wooden surfaces can be found. Thin circular steel rods lift them up. The rods are covered with brightly colored ring marks. The broken edges of the actual three surfacesshow that they were once part of a single closed form. The surfaces are composed of the plurality of the basic module. Different shades of the colour brown and a relief-like surface distinguish the modules from each other.These areas threaten to drift further apart and abandon one another. But stretched strings between the aluminum castings and wooden surfaces keep the surfaces from drifting too far from each other. The ladder on the biggest surface is fixed only half way, the other half floating in the air. The top of the ladder points in the direction of a relief incorporated into white marble stone hanging on the wall behind.




greek marble, shellac painted wood, steel rods, sisal and polyester rope, untreated wood, aluminum castings, paint


variable size, approx 500 x 400 x 800 cm

Installation, Sculpture